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About Us

  • Make music easy.

  • We are not just a music licensing business.

  • We want to help small businesses do better.

  • We can compose new music in real time for you, right ON the website.

  • You can specify some parameters, and we then compose the song.

  • And, you can even edit the song right on the website.

“We make music easy.”

Our goal is to help small to medium sized video production companies, independent video game studios, and advertisers earn more income from their businesses. We provide a unique music service that helps that happen. In addition, we provide a member's only area where you can find slide decks, video training, and other important and useful material that will help you. Work on ShuhBang.com was started in 2014. We finished and went live in 2017, and have been busy improving the site since then. The site is operated by MultiSimiea Web Technologies, Inc.

When I began to learn about music theory I realized composers do not have an easy job. You have to keep all those different instruments working together and sounding good, and time it all just right. That takes a huge amount of talent. I didn’t have that much musical talent, so I just continued to enjoy music instead of trying to create it.

But then the internet came along, and it started to change the way we do everything. Interactive websites were created, then web applications were invented, and then I figured out how to create an automated music creation website.
Now, everyone can make their own music.

“As a music lover, I’ve always wanted to try and make my own music, but all those software packages are too hard to use and nearly impossible to set up. I also found out that music theory is hard for someone who only did high school band. Then I realized I could create a website that did all of the hard stuff for me, and could be as easy to use as any other website. Also, I could use the Cloud! So, I set about figuring out how to do it. Then I spent 4 years building it. Once I finished it, I realized that although it would work great as a studio for aspiring musicians, the people it could really benefit are video production companies. They always need music in their products. It is only an incidental part of their product and yet can take up a large portion of the production budget. My website will be an awesome new tool in a producer’s toolbox.”

President and CEO: Jonathon Johnson

Jonathon has over 27 years professional experience writing software, running servers and managing IT systems.

Email: jonnyj@shuhbang.com

Phone number:contact

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