We all know how hard it is to create original music. Many of us also know how hard it is to license music. We also know how expensive music can be for a commercial production. And don't get started on how long it can take to negotiate to get those expensive rights that don't really give us much! We at ShuhBang.com would love to show you a way to make music easier. Easier to create, and easier and faster to license.

Are you an independent video production house and need music for your work and find it difficult or impossible to find music you can license for a reasonable cost? Will royalties or license fees really bite into your bottom line? Do you want a license that lasts longer than 2 years, but can't commit up front to it? Do you want to keep your music licensing costs constant for the life of your product? ShuhBang! is right for you!!! We will help you add profit top your bottom line.

Are you an independent game maker and want music for your game? Are you afraid of losing the licensing later? Is you're music budget low? Can you only get minimal quality with your budget? ShuhBang! is right for you!!!

Are you a singer/songwriter, trying to make a name for yourself but you don’t have a band to sing with? You wrote some great lyrics but have no music to go with it? Do you have a great voice but don’t have a band to sing with? Do you need to get your voice or lyrics out to your audience but do not have access to a band? ShuhBang! is right for you!!!

Do you just love music and want to make your own, but don’t know any instruments or only know a few instruments, and find music theory really difficult? ShuhBang! is right for you!!!

How would you feel if the hard parts of making music were automated?  What if writing a music score, playing the instruments, and recording the song were all done for you.  What if every song created for you was original?  Finally, what if you could choose how you licensed the songs you created. You could choose that every song created was yours to keep, forever, your copyright, your intellectual property. Or, you could just keep perpetual personal rights to the song. The choice is yours, and ShuhBang provides you with the options.

We all love music, we always have, and we always will.  Think about what a movie, a video game, or a day would be like without music?  Pretty boring is what it would be.  I remember growing up and listening to my parents’ music.  They had LPs!? Wow.  Those are actually popular again.  I remember music class in elementary school. I played the ukelele, 3 different sizes of recorder.  Then I started band.  I chose the tuba.  I weighed 100lbs and the tuba weighed 50lbs. When I took it home for practice, I had to use a wagon or a tobaggen. Hah!  Music!  I loved it then, and I love it now.

When I began to learn about music theory I realized composers do not have an easy job.  You have to keep all those different instruments working together and sounding good, and time it all just right. That takes a huge amount of talent.  I didn’t have that much musical talent, so I just continued to enjoy music instead of trying to create it.

But!!!!!  Then the internet came along, and it started to change the way we do everything.  Interactive websites were created, then web applications were invented, and then I figured out how to create an automated music creation website.  Now, everyone can make their own music. As a startup special, the first 100 people to signup will get a free 1 year subscription to the Personal Level.

What you Get

We like to focus on a high quality service, so only open the site for registration for a two week window every 3 months. That means, if you want to sign up, you have to sign up now or wait 3 months. Our signup windows correlate with major service improvements, so if you miss a window, don't worry, another will open up, and, you will find a few new features waiting.

ShuhBang! Automates the creation of music for you.  Complex, original music, is automatically created for you, and you as long as you subscribe to the website, you get to use it.  Pick from a list of songs, listen to it, and if you like it, claim it.  Once you’ve claimed a song, you can make changes to it.  As the web site matures, you will be able to do more interesting things with the song.

Right now, you will be able to choose from five different subscription levels.  The Personal Level only gives you a few tools, only allows you to save a few songs, only allows you to work on, and download compressed music formats.  Any song you claim and alter is licensed to you for for personal use, forever. Like buying a CD at the store.  You will be allowed to use the song for non-commercial purposes, you may only distribute the orignal work, and any distribution must be accompanied with an attribtuion to ShuhBang.com.

We offer an Intermediate Level service that will allow you to save a extra songs and will eventually give you access to a few extra audio tools.   Any song you claim and alter is licensed to you for as long as you maintain a site subscription.  You will be allowed to use the song for limited commercial and personal purposes (such as including it in a PowerPoint presentation, or a youtube video), you may only distribute the orignal work, and any distribution must be accompanied with an attribtuion to ShuhBang.com.

We offer a Professional Level service that will allow you to save even more songs yet and will eventually give you access to all the audio tools.   Any song you claim and alter is licensed to you for as long as you are a subscriber.  You will be allowed to use the song for commercial purposes, and you may distribute derivative works. Any distribution must still be accompanied with an attribtuion to ShuhBang.com.

We also offer a Premium Level service will allow you to take full copyright ownership of up to 100 songs, and give you all the site features available in the Professional level service. In the future, other features of the Premium level will allow you to edit in lossless and lossy formats, upload samples, edit tracks, merge tracks, and even upload entire tracks.

FInally, we offer a One-time Use service will allow you to take advantage of all the site features available in the Professional level service, get permamanent Professional level licenses to as many as 100 songs, and receive access to the site for 1 month.

The Trial level service gives you all the benefits of the Personal level service, for free, except you only get a two week period of access to the site

Extras ⇒ We will also offer extras.  Want more space for songs but don’t want to register to the next level? ShuhBang! will give you that option. Want access to the better features, but don&rsqou;t need to worry about commercial licensing? ShuhBang! will give you that option. Do you want to edit your music in non-compressed format? ShuhBang! will allow you to do that. Many more add-on features will be available as the site grows.

Think of the Professional level subscription as a bit like Formula 1 racing.  As features are added to the service, some features will drift down into the lower levels, but, it might take quite a while, and some features never will appear there. Uploading tracks or samples, editing tracks, gigabytes of storage space, and lossless format editing are benefits that will never drift down into the Personal version.  If those are the features you want, then that’s the level for you.

You may be asking why no Freemium model? We thought about this for a long time, and right up until launch we were planning on offering a Freemium service. But we decided not to because a Freemium model needs to be supported by ads. These days, everything is supported by ads, so we would not have been any different, but in the end, it makes the experience less rewarding and every customer becomes click data. We want to build a lasting and trusting relationship with our customers, and that means we won't let an ad agency sell your data to the highest bidder. That also means, we only collect enough information from you so we can contact you. So that means name and address. And, we use a third party (PayPal) for billing, so we do not even see or keep your credit card information.

We believe in the concepts of Release early, release often and Minimal Viable Product. So, rather that waiting and working on the perfect product that has all the features we could ever think of, we are releasing this product. It cannot do much, but it has the minimal features most people will need. As the weeks and months go by, we will be adding features, and you will see the features between the levels begin to differentiate.

Our Gaurantee: If you don’t like the service, cancel anytime. We will stop all payments, and give you a refund for the last month. There will be no secret hoops to jump through and no disguised signups for extra features you don’t want that are impossible to cancel.