What is ShuhBang!?

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    When I explain to people what ShuhBang! is, some of the questions I receive lead me to believe I'm not clear on what we do.

    The easiest explanation is we are a music licensing business. 

    But that misleads people because the traditional music licensing businesses and websites operate in a different way.  They have a library that you can listen to, with different artists, and different genres.  We don't do things that way.

    Also, we want to be more than just a music licensing platform, we want to help small businesses do better.  That's why we have the Member's Only section where you can find various business business tools and training documents.

    We can compose new music in real time for you, right on the website.  You can specify some parameters, and we then compose the song.

    Finally, we provide an online music editing service.  Are there things about the song you want to change?  We'll help you do that.  In the future we'll be adding some advanced editing features.

    We have a large library.  At the moment we don't have a way to allow a sampling of the library, but that will happen soon.


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