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    I have a very long list of features I want to add to and improvements to make on the site.  There are the ones I think are important and then the ones customers would think are important.  Here's a short list in no particular order:

    1. Update my landing page
    2. Update my sales page
    3. Add low quality song preview feature for non-logged in visitors
    4. Add side scrolling on ShuhBang page for mobile devices
    5. Search for song by name
    6. Change the name of a song
    7. Add more audio effects such as stretch, elastic band, reverse, echo, reverb
    8. Add ability to select sections within a song
    9. Add cut and paste
    10. Add ability to work with tracks:  Upload, merge, delete, beat matching, etc.
    11. Add AAC encoding option
    12. Create some pre-formed song genre options (dance, EDM, punk, rock, classical, piano, etc.)
    13. Song fade in/fade out
    14. Add mobile Ajax spinner so you know system is actually working instead of providing no feedback at all
    15. Simplify sign-up requirements
    16. Provide and search by Song Meta-data: happy, sad, excited, fast, slow, duration
    17. Multi-lingual

    Send me an email and let me know what features you want to see.

    Sign up for access!!.

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