Working from Home Securely

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    With many people working from home with the COVID pandemic, I thought I would discuss a secure way of working from home using VDI. VDI is an acronym for Virtual Desktop Interface.

    Many of the issues of working from home for companies have to deal with security. They have to secure the perimeter of their network and they have to secure the machine. Many of the technologies use multiple SSL tunnels into the network to expose services. Often, the computer connecting can be compromised and inject data packets into the network that can compromise the network. Drive-by encryption based ransomware is an excellent example of this.  A person with the right privileges on the network who hit the wrong link can create havoc.  Using VDI can stop that.  Even from within the network.

    VDI is accessed by a secure HTTPS connection from a web browser and regular HTTPS security is utilized. A virtual desktop can be used to access the network and corporate services, and the local desktop can be used for everything else.  The VDI is trusted, locked down, and secure, whereas the connecting desktop can be riddled with malware and it won't matter to the corporate network because it can't get through. In addition, since it is browser based, you can use also use phones and tablets.

    It may not be for everyone due to cost, or complexity, but it could be something you want to explore. There are many VDI vendors, including some open source stuff.

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