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    I just read an article here ( talking a bit about flash and DIMM memory.  It's absolutely insane what is in the near horizon.  A 1TB DIMM is as little as 3 months away, and currently, a 512GB is available.  I can remember my first 386 based computer had memory that was $50/MB.  8 years ago, servers were being sold with 1TB of RAM that were filled with 64 16GB DIMMs.  Flash memory density is also improving and companies have been stacking layers on silicon, stuffing more and more storage onto the same physical footprint.

    If you are a video production company, memory and storage technologies are very important to stay on top of because everything is done digitally these days. Cutting and splicing tape doesn't happen anymore. It's all done on a computer, and every second wasted while waiting for a render or cut operation is a second you could have spent on another project.

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