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    I want to add AI/ML to the site, so I looked around at what I needed to do, and discovered the OMSCS program from GeorgiaTech. I already have a B.Sc. in Computer Science, so getting the accreditation is not required, but I do want to obtain the equivalent of a Master's level education.

    GeorgiaTech has their OMSCS Program online. Many of the classes have their lectures posted online with free access, many of the textbooks are available for free or moderately inexpensive online. The ones that cost some money are core AI/ML books that any real researcher should have in their library anyways. They offer a full course option, a Project option, and a Thesis option, all with different class load requirements. Of course, if you want to pay and get a real master's Degree from a strong university, you can do that too, and their tuition is very reasonable.

    Contact me through the website or Facebook if you would like to get more information on my research into the OMSCS program.

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