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Create your own music, utilize it in your own projects, experience the benefits. Our licensing is customizable to your project. In addition, we provide a 100% money back guarantee.

Our music licensing service will help you to:
   - Earn you more per client
   - Create predictable costs
   - Protect your Intellectual Property
   - Provide a provable ROI
   - Protect yourself from copyright infringement claims
   - Easily create new original music

Earn more, now!

Are you afraid you might have to stop distributing your work because the music rights expired?

Are your music licensing costs unpredictable?

Would you like more control over the music you license?

Would you like an easier way to license music, and even get the copyrights?

Are you an Indie game developer with a small budget and need professional music?

Are you an online influencer and want to protect your content from copyright claims from background music?

Are you trying to become a singer and need music for your songs?

Do you produce corporate videos and need access to professional music?

ShuhBang! is the service for you.

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