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Real time music composition, utilize it in your own projects, experience the benefits. Our licensing is customizable to your project.
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This is an example of what ShuhBang can enable. The song took 3 minutes to create, and the video took 15 minutes total to produce.

Easy, convenient and affordable music solutions for your project

We all know how hard it is to create original music. Many of us also know how hard it is to license music. We also know how expensive music can be for a commercial production. And don't get me started on how long it can take to negotiate to get those expensive rights that don't really give us much! We at would love to show you a way to make music easier. Easier to create and easier to license. And by the way, if you run a production company, we'd love to show you how you can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line by using our service.

We provide access to top quality music licensing and are your go to resource for businees management and technology information. Visit often to see our blog updates where we talk about many different topics. Better yet, sign up for our free level that provides access to our Member's Only section where you can download training videos, business templates, PDF courses, and receive our newsletter. We will update the Member's Section often so make sure to check back frequently.

Easier than ever to to have custom compositions created just for you

What if you have a last second project? What if you forgot something and at the the very end of a project, you need some extra music? What if you lost the original score? What if one of those scenarios happened, and your musician is out of the office, or on vacation, too busy on another project, or just unavailable? This is another tool in your box, ready and available for when you need it, always. We're not looking to replace your musician, we want to work with them and you.

How would you feel if the hard parts of making music were easy? What if writing a music score, playing the instruments, and recording the song were all done for you. What if every song created for you was original? Finally, what if you could choose how you licensed the songs created for you. You could choose that every song was yours to keep, forever, your copyright, your intellectual property. Or, you could just keep perpetual personal rights to the song.

Do you just love music and want to make your own, but don’t know any instruments or only know a few instruments, and find music theory really difficult? ShuhBang! automates the creation of music for you. Complex, original music, is created in real time for you, and you as long as you subscribe to the website, you get to use it. Pick from a list of songs, listen to it, and if you like it, claim it. Once you’ve claimed a song, you can make changes to it. As the web site matures, you will be able to do more interesting things with the song.

Are you a singer/songwriter, trying to make a name for yourself but you don’t have a band to sing with? You wrote some great lyrics but have no music to go with it? Do you have a great voice but don’t have a band to sing with? Do you need to get your voice or lyrics out to your audience but do not have access to a band? ShuhBang! is right for you!

Are you an independent video production house and need music for your work and find it difficult or impossible to find music you can license for a reasonable cost? Will royalties or license fees really bite into your bottom line? Do you want a license that lasts longer than 2 years, but can't commit up front to it? Do you want to keep your music licensing costs constant for the life of your product? ShuhBang! is right for you!

Are you an independent game maker and want music for your game? Are you afraid of losing the licensing later? Is you're music budget low? Can you only get minimal quality with your budget? ShuhBang! is right for you!!! I once read a story about how one Indie game maker was unable to continue distributing a hugely popular game because the he could no longer license the music in the game. Do you want to be this person?

Ask a crowded room of business owners “Who wants to make more money?”. How many hands would go up? Would yours be one of them? I know mine would.

Your most important goal is to make a profit. Only the government can lose money and stay in business. Our service can help you add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Our music licensing service will help you to:

Earn more per client

Create predictable costs

Protect your Intellectual Property

Provide a provable ROI

Protect yourself from copyright infringement claims

Easily create new original music

  • Are music licensing costs unpredictable?

  • Would you like more control over the music you license?

  • Would you like an easier way to license music?

  • Are you an Indie game developer with a small budget?

  • Are you an online influencer and want to protect your content?

  • Do you produce corporate videos and need access to professional music?

  • ShuhBang! is the service for you.

is to help small to medium sized video production studios, independent video game studios, and advertisers earn more income from their businesses. We provide a unique music service that helps that happen.

Below is a tutorial for everything you need to get started using ShuhBang!

We usually charge $69 for our Mini Premium 3 service. Our goal is to help you earn more from your business. To prove it, we want to provide $69 in value to you right now. The Mini Premium 3 subscription will transfer copyright for three songs to you. Sign up and get access to the site. We ask for no credit card info and will not charge you anything after the service expires. In our email newsletter we will share information on topics such as cameras, microphones, software, and business tactics. In addition, you will receive access to our special Members Only section that contains video courses, PDFs, and Power Point presentations all focused on helping small businesses to improve their bottom line.

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What You Get?

Depending on your subscription level, you could add tracks, merge sound samples, add effects, cut, insert, delete parts, and many other things, and do it with ease. Do you have an idea for a feature the website should have? Let us know. We’d love to add it for you.

We will also offer extras. Want more space for songs but don't want to register to the next level? ShuhBang! will give you that option. Want access to the better features, but don't need to worry about commercial licensing? ShuhBang! will give you that option. Do you want to edit your music in non-compressed format? ShuhBang! will allow you to do that. Many more add-on features will be available as the site grows.

You may be asking why no Freemium model? We thought about this for a long time, and right up until launch we were planning on offering a Freemium service. But we decided not to because a Freemium model needs to be supported by ads. These days, everything is supported by ads, so we would not have been any different, but in the end, it makes the experience less rewarding and every customer becomes click data. We want to build a lasting and trusting relationship with our customers, and that means we won't let an ad agency sell your data to the highest bidder. That also means, we only collect enough information from you so we can contact you. So that means name and address. And, we use a third party (PayPal) for billing, so we do not even see or keep your credit card information.


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